Les Habitants!

I’ve started this for no particular reason, I just felt like I needed a place where I could write what I have on my mind, what I think about what’s going on in the world or even just something random that I think is funny or that I’ve found on the net… So I don’t promise that there will be a post every single day but I’ll try to do my best to post something regularly.

So I’ll start with something random that I’ve read in the newspaper the other day, there was an article about the Canadians, not the people living in Canada but the team. So here’s what they were saying…

So it’s a well known fact that this year the Habs are celebrating their 100th Anniversary, so everyone knows that they would really like to win the Stanley Cup this year, it would a nice way of celebrating it! So it’s one of the factor that we can “smell” the success they will have this year. But there’s more to it, if you really wanna know how much they’re Big this year, just take the pulse of all the hockey fans that aren’t Canadians partisans. Seriously if a little of steam comes out of their ears and they “heat up” a little bit it’s a good sign for “La Flanelle”. This team with it’s successful past has a great load of fans, across Quebec, Canada and even across the World but the same thing happened the other way around, they also gained a lot of “haters” that wishes they won’t win the Cup each year. But since the past few years the Habs had problems to even get to the playoff, so the “Haters” didn’t need to worry… but now that the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge is back on top the anti-montreal will be back! But on the other side, there might be a good load of Hockey Fans, that aren’t necessarily Canadians Fans, would really appreciate that they would win this year. Success very often attracts resentment. Certain people have difficulty to see the others succeeding where they fail. Then again, ordinary team partisans put all their anger on the clubs that would likely be the one to raise the Cup. So this is what explains why the Habs were so easy to hate. The fact that more and more people wish evil to the Canadians shows at which point this team can excel.

So I say GO HABS GO!!! 😀


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