Hair Cut Therapy

It’s funny how only a hair cut can make a difference… I mean we all know it can change your looks but what I’m talking about here is how a new hair cut can mean a change in your life.  In my case every time I go for a drastic change with my hair it means something has or needs to change in my life, it’s either that I don’t like what’s going on or I need new “adventures” in my life, by new “adventures” I don’t necessarily mean going away on vacations, but more something along the line of having new stories in my life.

So I went to see my hairdresser last Friday and asked her to “chop-chop” the hair, I literally said “chop-chop”, so I went from “middle of my back” long hair to “elbow” short hair! She asked me if I really wanted to do it, cause she new I wanted to let them grow, I said yes their getting on my nerves I can’t do anything with them anymore, but what I should of said is something along the lines of : Yes I’m sure, I need some change in my life… So short I went! Before I went for my appointment, I told some people about getting my hair cut and that I wanted them shorter, but I don’t think people taught I would have them that shorter, personally today I’m thinking I should of went shorter.  I know you all want to know the reason why I cut it then… Well I’m not going to tell you why, but all I’m going to say is this, there are some things in my life that need to change and not the other way around… Perhaps it’s the people around me that need to change or I need to make a life changing decisions.

 I still need to figure out how I’m going to do it, but step one is done, so it’s a good start.  Now all have I have to do is step two…  I might sound sad or depressed but actually I feel great, it’s like a hair cut therapy!


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