Unconditional Love

You know how an artist can affect you in so many ways… Well for people who know me, Linkin Park is one of them, what I mean is when I listen to their music somehow they reach me, their music has evolved and I’ve changed with it… It’s not only that every time a new album comes out I’m excited to hear it but it’s more of what they’ve acomplished, as persons and as a band, since the begining and here I’m not only talking about the music but what they got involved with, the causes they support, they’ve created a non-profit orgaisation called Music for Relief, which helps people all around the world when a disaster strikes… For exemple when the Tsunami hit Japan they asked other artist to donate a song and with that they’ve created an album that you could download for minimum 10$ (you could give more if you wanted too) and all proceeds went to aid Japan. They’re involved with Habitate for Humanity as well. Recently they’re supporting the cause Power the World which is a great cause to help bring power to the world… Just to name a few. Also a few of the band members also have side projects… And they’re always so greatful of their fans and they respect them!
Sure when I started listening to them as a teenager for other reasons a teenage girl listens to a band… But with time I kept listening and buying their albums for other reason, mainly cause they make great music that reaches me in so many ways and every album sounds different!
Sure I’m still in the fan club, sure I still get excited when they come into town for a show, sure I will sing along at the show, but I wont faint if they touch me, I wont want to get into a fight with you cause you’re trying to get closer, unlike groupies I wont try to find out where they’re staying and fallow them everywhere, because that’s not what I am…
I’m not trying to make you like them or be a fan, I’m just trying to explain to you why I like them, I doubt I was able to do it properly but hey at least I tried!